Rockdoor Door Designer

Enhance Your View

Flush Sash

Are sash windows that close into the frame to give you a beautiful flush finish. The perfect way to capture the modern day fine lines of your bespoke property.

Casement windows

This simply means opening outwards. They come in a range of colours and designs which is useful when replacing your current windows like for like or if you fancy a completely new style.

Bays and bows

Bay windows have three angled windows whereas bows usually have four or five. These types of windows are a great way to give the perception of increased space in a room whilst projecting a lovely curve on the outside of your home.

Vertical Sliders

Are sash windows that open vertically or horizontally by sliding into the sash, great for a period looking property but can suite all styles. We can upgrade your currently timber sliders for easy clean, low maintenance Upvc.


Do you have a blown or damaged glass unit? Or perhaps you have a new feline family member? We offer supply and installation of double or triple glazed units without having to replace the frames. Use our contact us page and guidance notes for a quick quotation via email.

Window Seat

Picture frame your view and watch time go by or perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to cozy up and read. Contact us today, a Window seat is for you.