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Composite Door Designer

Browsing our brochures? So many choices aren’t there! Why not use our door designer to really help capture your vision. 


Simply means mixed material which allows for a more solid and secure door. Most popular for front doors but beautiful as a rear or side door. We have a vast range to suit everyone so to help you choose try our handy door designer above. 


Are two or more leafs that fold to the side to allow for a large opening. The perfect way to invite your outside seating area inside! Our most popular range, come in a variety of colours.


Two doors that open outwards or in. Ideal for balconies or pair well with a conservatory to give you a sense of space and airflow for the warmer months of the year. 


An addition to the front or side of your house to surround an entrance door. It allows for additional shelter and space to suit all needs. We offer a range of styles and colours.


Most popular for a rear entrance door  can come in a range of colours and styles. A perfect door to install a cat flap!


Also known as sliding doors. Two or more doors that slide along a rail. Are becoming a favourite again for enhancing space between your home and the garden.