Rockdoor Door Designer

Designed to perform, built to last

Warm roof

Our most popular style. A warm roof has an insulation layer above the rafters and below the weatherproof membrane which conserves heat without the need for a ventilation system. If you’d like we can replace your existing conservatory roof for a warm roof. Contact us today for more information.


A stunning finish to a flat roof allowing an array of natural light into your home. Can come in self-cleaning glass to keep them pesky raindrop marks at bay! We also offer a flat roofing system guaranteed to last for 15 years. Take a look at our roofline page for more information.


An addition to your property which looks similar to conservatory but allows use all year round. The difference to a conservatory is the ratio of brickwork to UPVC. We can help you design your ideal space.

Garden rooms

Simply means a room in your garden. We design beautiful spaces to suit every need. From an office, to play room or perhaps a studio. The space is a blank canvas ready for us to help you put your own stamp on it.


Is more UPVC than brickwork. Conservatories can come in all shapes and sizes. There are also a range of choices for the roof. Danny can help you design in detail so why not book a survey today.